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Life Skills Coaching/Tutoring

What is it?

Life Skills Coaching/Tutoring is personalised educational support. At Adapt and Learn, we’re here to make your child’s life more fulfilling and enjoyable, and we want to empower them to take on all aspects of their life with confidence. For many children with disabilities, education is one of the toughest feats. It’s not that your little one doesn’t have the capability to understand the concepts they learn at school. Just sometimes, they might need some more support or attention to take in that information, really understand it, and apply it practically.

Amy from Adapt and Learn is a qualified and experienced school teacher who takes on all of our Life skills coaching and tutoring. Using her understanding of the school curriculum and her skill for simplifying concepts, she’ll tutor your little one.

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How does life skills coaching and tutoring support your child?

With experience in tutoring and supporting children with disabilities in the educational space, we work closely with you and your child to determine specifically where they need additional support and how we can best provide this support.

By understanding exactly where your little one is having trouble keeping up in school, we can spend time filling in those gaps and working with them to understand different concepts, complete homework and projects, and catch up on schoolwork where they may have fallen behind.

This creates a safe and supportive environment for your little one to learn in.

Who does life skills coaching and tutoring support?

Our life skills coaching and tutoring service is designed specifically to support children with disabilities, developmental delays and neurodivergent children on the Autism Spectrum. Whether your little one misses out on some aspects of school due to appointments, they have trouble with an aspect of their schooling, or they just need some additional support with things like homework and projects, then our tutoring service is here to support them.

Not sure if our life skills coaching and tutoring is right for your little one? You can give it a go with no obligation to continue, and you’re always welcome to give us a call and ask any questions you have.

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Life skills coaching/tutoring delivered in your home or here at our facilities

We’re here to support you and your child. So, our services can be delivered however suits you best. Come along to our clinic for your little one’s life skills coaching and tutoring or book our mobile services and we’ll come and deliver tutoring to your home. It’s all about your convenience and your little one’s comfort.

Why pick Adapt and Learn for your child's Life Skills Coaching/Tutoring?

Qualified tutor with primary school teaching degree

Amy from Adapt and Learn is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher who takes on all our life skills coaching and tutoring in numeracy and literacy. Using her understanding and experience and her skill for simplifying concepts, she'll foster and build confidence in your little one in an engaging and hands-on approach to learning.

Support for you, too

You'll receive care and support from the entire Adapt and Learn team. When it comes to life skills coaching, tutoring and learning, we may provide you with strategies you can use at home.

Your practitioners talk to each other

At Adapt and Learn, your child's care is all interconnected. Your child's tutor will be able to communicate with the rest of your little one's practitioners to provide them with holistic care.

Get tutoring delivered in your home

We know juggling the different appointments and care for your child can be tiring and stressful. That's why we offer tutoring in our clinic or in your home, so you don't need to travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Life Skills Coaching/Tutoring offers so many different benefits for children with disabilities. It provides individualised attention that they may not have access to at school, allowing them to focus on their unique learning needs. We can adapt our teaching methods to match your little one’s learning style, provide additional explanations, offer extra practice opportunities, and help to boost their confidence. Plus, it helps them keep up with their schoolwork.

Life Skills Coaching and Tutoring can cover a wide range of subjects and topics based on your little one’s needs. Come along with whatever work, homework or project your little one needs some extra support with and we’ll be able to help them unpack different concepts, complete the work, or prepare for tests. Our tutoring can also support them in specific areas like writing, study strategies, organisational skills, or critical thinking.

How often your child takes on tutoring sessions is totally up to you and your little one. It’s worth considering their needs and goals, but we’ll also provide you with our recommendations. We do find it’s usually beneficial to establish a consistent schedule that allows for regular practice and for progress to be made. Over time, we might recommend making adjustments to how often your little one comes along for tutoring.

Let's find out how we can best support your child.

With a really personal approach to providing care and support to you and your little one, we’ll always start the process with a conversation. You can get started by giving us a call or requesting a callback.

We’ll be in touch within one day.

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