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Holistic support solutions under one roof

At Adapt And Learn, we provide Holistic therapy support, assistance with learning and strengthening life skills, help with life’s big transitions, and support for parents.

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We offer a variety of therapies to support your child’s unique needs, all under one roof.

Occupational Therapy

Develop skills & strategies.

Speech Therapy

Build communication & language skills.

Educational Tutoring

Build communication & language skills.

Social and Life Skills Programs

Get a little extra support with schoolwork.

Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

Improve your child’s movement & motor skills.

Parents and Carers Support Group

Improve your child’s movement & motor skills.

One contact, one location, holistic care

There’s no need to coordinate and communicate with different providers to juggle appointments. No need to drive hours for every single appointment. We provide solutions under one roof, and that roof can even be your own home — we come to you.

We’re here to make your life easier, while providing care

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What makes us different

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Want to learn more first? Download an info pack to learn more about Adapt and Learn and how your child can benefit.

Where we help

We help children of all ages, from little ones to teens, located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan City, Scenic Rim, Surrounding areas.

Live outside these areas but don’t mind the travel? Book an appointment in-centre today.

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State-of-the-art sensory equipment

At Adapt and Learn, we use a state-of-the-art interactive sensory projection system with social activities and games, making therapy fun and engaging. Easy for all children to play and interact with, this equipment creates interactive sensory play and sensory activities that react to the slightest gesture or movement. 

Empowering every child to take control of their environment, encouraging participation and making therapy an exciting, immersive experience. Download an info pack to learn more about our sensory equipment – it’s what sets us apart.

NDIS Registered Provider

We’re an NDIS-Registered Provider, so if you have an NDIS plan, you can talk to us about how we can provide support for you under your plan. We work with your NDIS contacts and all involved to give your child the best care possible.

If you don’t have an NDIS care plan, and need help applying for one, contact us and we can help.


Our Social and Life Skills programs

We have a range of fun programs for individuals and groups that are designed to create new friendships, foster independence, teach essential life skills and provide a fun and supportive environment.

School holiday programs

Like How to Ride a Bike and Farm Visits.

Ongoing Programs for Teenagers to Young Adults

Such as Having a BBQ and Entertaining Friends, Introduction to Camping, Boating and Essentials for Beginners, The Big Weekend Away (a boating, camping and fishing trip), and Boating and Fishing Day Trips.

Customised supported day trips for all ages

Tailored to individual requirements and interests. Exploring activities like go-karting, bushwalking, scenic drives, hot air ballooning and more.

team discussions

Join our Parents Support Group

We strongly believe that parents and carers deserve support, too. So, we have a Parents and Carers Support Group that anyone in our Adapt And Learn community can be a part of. 

Learn more about our services and programs

Download an info pack to learn more about Adapt and Learn and how your child can benefit.

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Download a FREE info pack

Download an info pack to learn more about Adapt and Learn and how your child can benefit.