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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy for Kids'

What is occupational therapy?

Occupations are basically everyday tasks, and therapy is support. Every day, we need to complete a list of tasks. These might include going to the bathroom, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, and making breakfast. For those of us who have disabilities, some of these tasks can become quite challenging.

Occupational therapy is all about taking a strength- and play-based approach to taking on these tasks or occupations.

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18 month old toddler makes excited expression while dipping pain

How does occupational therapy support your child?

When you choose Adapt and Learn for occupational therapy, one of our occupational therapists (OTs) will first run through an assessment with your child. We’ll learn about exactly where they need support, what their strengths are, and we’ll get to know them on a personal level. Then, with an understanding of how your child operates and what motivates them, we’ll take a personalised approach to their occupational therapy.

This might include things like exercises to build strength and coordination, different strategies to strengthen their mind and cognitive skills, or special techniques to help them take on new challenges with less of that overwhelm. Sometimes, it can also include making modifications to your home or school environment or finding the right equipment to support their needs perfectly.

Occupational Therapy for Kids'

Who does occupational therapy support?

Occupational therapy can help children with all kinds of disabilities and developmental delays. It can support Autistic children who need sensory support, children with physical disabilities who need to build strength or coordination, and children who need cognitive support by creating strategies and breaking down tasks to make them more simple.

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What are the Lasting Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy, especially when tailored to children, is a client-centred health profession focused on enhancing an individual’s quality of life. It’s not just about addressing physical challenges; it’s about boosting mental health, promoting health, and enabling children to participate more fully in everyday activities.

There are several significant key benefits for children who undergo occupational therapy. These include:

Promotion of Independence

Occupational therapists work diligently to ensure every child can perform daily tasks without relying heavily on others, fostering self-reliance.

Enhancement of Cognitive Skills

We address not only developmental delays, but also build on your child's current abilities.

Support for Mental Health Problems

Addressing mental illness early can make a vast difference, and our occupational therapy services are geared towards identifying and managing these challenges.

Improving Quality of Life

The World Health Organization recognises the importance of a holistic approach, and we concur. Our pediatric occupational therapist ensures that children not only thrive in their environments, but genuinely enjoy their experiences.

Enabling Participation

From school tasks to leisure activities, occupational therapy enables people, especially kids, to be active participants in their communities.

Our Occupational Therapy Process, Treatment Methods and Tools

We understand that every child is distinct, and so is the way we approach their therapy. Here’s a brief overview of what we do and how we do it:

Our occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants collaborate closely with you to devise a plan that will best suit your child. We often employ evidence-based occupational therapy interventions, ensuring only the highest quality of care and the most beneficial outcomes. Some of these interventions include sensory integration techniques, cognitive behavioural tasks, and motor skill activities. Additionally, to facilitate this process, our occupational therapists are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and resources. 

The beauty of our service lies in its flexibility. Whether it’s in a private practice setting or a home environment, our services cater to the diverse needs of your children, ensuring that wherever they are, the potential for growth and improvement is always within reach.

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Woman in blue uniform teaching writing to a child with Down syndrome. Children's occupational therapy.
Toddler girl in child occupational therapy session doing sensory playful exercises with her therapist.

Therapy delivered in your home or here at our facilities

As a parent, it can be really hard to make it to all of the appointments your little one needs to attend. We’re here to make it easier on you. You can book our mobile occupational therapy services to come directly to your home, but you’re always welcome to drop into our centre as well.

Why pick Adapt and Learn for your child's Occupational Therapy?

Experienced & caring practitioners

Our occupational therapists aren't just highly experienced in paediatric therapy, but they really care for your little one. 

Support for you, too

When you come on board with Adapt and Learn, you'll receive support, too. Even in the OT space, you'll receive strategies to help your little one.

A commitment to continuity of care

Your child will always see the same OT to ensure continuity of care. It's how we create a comfortable environment they can thrive in.

Get therapy delivered in your home

We know that travel can be stressful for you, the parent, and often, your child will feel most comfortable at home. So, we'll come to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! If you do have a referral, then of course, bring it along. However, we do not need a specific referral from a GP to see your child.

During a paediatric occupational therapy session, your therapist will assess your child’s skills and develop an individualised treatment plan.

Therapy sessions may include a variety of activities, exercises, and interventions personalised to your child and their specific needs. These may involve play-based activities, sensory integration techniques, fine motor tasks, coordination exercises, and the provision adaptive equipment or tools.

Yes, absolutely. Not only can we make recommendations in our initial appointment with your child, but you’re welcome to come along and try it out — if it doesn’t suit, then there’s no obligation to continue.

Let's find out how we can best support your child.

With a really personal approach to providing care and support to you and your little one, we’ll always start the process with a conversation. You can get started by giving us a call or requesting a callback.

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