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Our Story

Our Story

Adapt and Learn was established to create the support we wish we had.

Created by Luke and Amy Lloyd, Adapt and Learn was created to make the support we wish we had available in our region. Based in the Gold Coast, we found it really hard to find the support we needed in our local area.

With two autistic children, we needed all kinds of support — occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, and more. Not only were none of these supports available under the one umbrella, but none of them were local to us. 

Each week, Amy drove the children to alternating appointments on three days of the week, each two hours away. 12 hours of our week were spent in the car, just to access the support our children needed.

This lived experience made us undeniably aware of the lack of quality services available for children in South East Queensland. It was not just about convenience, it was about a sustainable lifestyle where our children had the support they needed, and so did we.

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That's where Adapt and Learn was created.

Holistic paediatric therapy. Everything your little one needs under one roof.

It’s a combination of centre based and mobile, paediatric support where parents have access to all the support they need. There’s no need to coordinate and communicate with three different providers to juggle appointments. We aim to provide all facets of care under the one banner.

Adapt and Learn assists you to coordinate multiple therapies and supports for you, and with us, you don’t need to be the messenger. Your different supports communicate together providing your family with a tailored plan that is specific to your situation.

It’s not just improvements to how your child accesses support and how you coordinate it all. With Adapt and Learn, you have a network of parents who are in the same boat as you. Adapt and Learn isn’t just paediatric therapeutic support. It’s a community of people who are here for you.

It's our mission to create holistic, community-based paediatric therapy, tailored individually to the child, whilst offering the family support too.

Questions about NDIS and fees?

It's our values that guide your child's support

Our values inform not only how our team supports your child, but how we select our team and make decisions about the therapy and support we provide.


Consistency in support workers and therapists and in how we show up for you.


From the support your child receives to how we work and communicate with you.


You and your child deserve a sense of belonging. That's what Adapt and Learn's community creates.


Above all, we value you, the parents and your little ones. At every stage of our communication and support coordination, you'll feel valued and cared for.

Let's find out how we can best support your child.

With a really personal approach to providing care and support to you and your little one, we’ll always start the process with a conversation. You can get started by giving us a call or requesting a callback.

We’ll be in touch within one day.

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