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Our Social and Life Skill Programs

Having a BBQ and Entertaining Friends

We at Adapt and Learn believe in forging strong connections. Dive into our engaging BBQ program, where your child can learn how to host a sizzling party. Under the guidance of our supportive workers and a skilled chef, participants will not only master the art of grilling but also build lasting friendships. Plus, with everything provided, from food to equipment, all your child needs to bring is their enthusiasm! (Maximum six participants per group)

children making smores during their camping
therapist with a student sitting on camping chairs

Introduction to Camping

Has your child ever dreamed of gazing at the stars while nestled in a cosy tent? With our camping program, we’ll introduce them to the joys of the outdoors, from setting up tents to campfire cooking over four half-day sessions. Our sessions culminate in an overnight trip, ensuring they’re ready for any adventure.

Fishing and Boating Essentials for Beginners

Experience the thrill of the open water! Our comprehensive program covers both on-land and on-water sessions, teaching your child the ins and outs of fishing and boating. We prioritise safety and catch and release sustainability, ensuring an enriching and responsible aquatic experience.

children catch fish
children playing

The Big Weekend Away

Ready to step up your camping game? Once your child has mastered our introduction to Camping and Fishing and Boating Essentials courses, they can embark on a weekend getaway with us. They will be immersed in the combination of camping, boating, and fishing, and, if luck’s on their side, learn how to prepare their fresh catch!

Boating and Fishing Day Trips

Set sail with us and soak in the breathtaking views of Brisbane City and its scenic coastlines! We offer refreshing weekday and weekend trips, perfect for those whose children are looking to further their fishing and boating skills. (Prerequisite: Fishing and Boating Essentials for Beginners)

children on a boat
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Customised Supported Day Trips

At Adapt and Learn, we celebrate uniqueness. Whether it’s a serene farm visit or the thrill of go-karting, we design trips tailored to your child’s interests. With all essentials taken care of, all they need to do is enjoy the adventure!

Our Parents and Carers Support Group

We understand the weight of responsibilities that come with caring for a child with disabilities. Our support group is here to offer a warm space for parents and carers. Whether it’s sharing experiences over coffee or a serene morning by the water, we’re here to offer solace and understanding when you need it.
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Ready to Create Lasting Memories?

Every adventure starts with a single step. Take that step with Adapt and Learn and let us guide your child through experiences that will stay with them forever.

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How do our programs help your child?

At Adapt and Learn, we believe every child is brimming with potential. Our carefully curated programs not only introduce them to new, fun experiences, but also equip them with vital life skills.


By fostering independence, nurturing friendships, and presenting challenges in a supportive environment, we empower your child to tackle real-world situations with confidence. Whether it’s mastering the art of bike riding or navigating the realms of social interactions, our holistic approach ensures a comprehensive development that goes beyond the ordinary, all while ensuring your child feels valued and heard.

How do we cater to your child's needs?

We understand that each child is unique, and we pride ourselves on our adaptable and individualised approach to their care.


We commence our journey with a comprehensive assessment to understand your child’s strengths, challenges, and preferences. Our seasoned team then alters or tailors programs to align with their distinct needs, ensuring a balance of comfort and growth.


Whether it’s providing a specialised bike for a more secure ride or tweaking a social skills program to their comfort level, we are unwavering in our commitment to inclusivity. At Adapt and Learn, your child isn’t just another participant; they’re a valued member of our community, and deserve tailored experiences that resonate with them.

children on a tutoring program

What benefits does your child gain from our programs?

Skill Development

Our programs provide a structured environment where your child can learn essential life skills, from bike riding to effective social interactions. As they journey through our courses, they don't just learn, they thrive, harnessing abilities they'll carry throughout life.

Boosted Confidence

Facing and overcoming challenges in our supportive settings boosts your child’s self-esteem. Each accomplishment, big or small, reinforces their belief in their abilities, setting them up for future successes.

Enhanced Social Interactions

Engaging in group activities, your child develops strong social bonds. They learn the dynamics of teamwork, empathy, and effective communication, which are invaluable tools for their daily lives.

Holistic Development

It's not just about the specific skills in the program's title. Be it a camping trip or a bike ride, every activity we offer integrates cognitive, emotional, and physical growth, providing a well-rounded developmental experience.

Community Belonging

At Adapt and Learn, your child becomes part of a bigger community that cares. This sense of belonging and mutual understanding fosters a warm, nurturing environment where they feel valued and understood.

Tailored Experiences

We recognise the unique abilities and preferences of every child. Our programs are not one-size-fits-all; they're customised, ensuring your child receives an experience tailored to their specific needs and comfort levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While our programs are designed for children and young adults, the exact age range might vary based on the specific activity. Please reach out to us for age-specific details for each program.

Absolutely! Our programs are designed to cater to beginners as well as those with some experience. Whether it’s biking, fishing, or camping, our experts are there to guide and support each participant.

For certain programs, parents, and carers are welcome to join, while others are crafted for participants to engage independently. Please consult the details of each program to understand the level of involvement required.

Safety is our paramount concern. For activities like boating and fishing, we provide both on-land and on-water guidance sessions, prioritising safety protocols and ensuring that every participant is well-equipped and informed.

Yes, for most of our programs, everything from food to equipment is provided. Participants just need to bring their enthusiasm! However, for specific requirements, we’ll inform you in advance.

We understand that unforeseen changes can occur. In case of any alterations to our scheduled programs, we ensure timely communication via phone or email to all participants.

Let's find out how we can best support your child.

With a really personal approach to providing care and support to you and your little one, we’ll always start the process with a conversation. You can get started by giving us a call or requesting a callback.

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